March 27th 1855

Last evening the moon shone brightly, almost a dead calm every thing hushed as midnight, we sat on deck in the first watch, there she blows says the Capt in a moment I was on my feet and in various directions could see the water rise if some large object moved it, at every motion could hear the shouting voice once I saw the back of a huge fish quite near the ship, it was a company of whales, shouting how I wished it had been daylight, the sight would have been grand, have seen one steamship made 60 miles


March 20th 1855

Last night at ten made Ahaco light, went on deck at 12 mignight and saw the light, and again at 4 am, At 3 PM made the Berry Islands and passed them before dark 70 miles.


March 14th 1855

There is hardly a breath of wind to move us along this morning the sun quite hot, Fan and her mother were amused some tine this morning watching the

occasional appearance of monstrous fins showing themselves above the water, not enough of the animals to be seen to tell who they are, the Capt calls them black fish. The newly mended mainsail was bent the first thing this morning, atlas not been set to day the wind is so light, fine studding sails set and no wind to fill them, have made 38 miles

March 3rd 1855

A smart breeze from SW at twelve increase commenced taking in sail, one hard squall parted the main tack, and main topsail sheet, split the mainsail and main topsail, PM all hands at work sending down the broken sails, and releasing them with alters, sent(?) a new main topsail, a foresail in place of the mainsail, which took until 5 PM has rained in torrents all the afternoon, an inch. In sight under swuq sail

February 25th 1855

a fine day wind ahead ship going 9 knot, if we could go our course it would be encouraging have made 75 miles, a sail in sight at half past 11 steering east, with a fair wind she passed us at a rapid rate and was soon out of sight, a heavy head sea which is not altogether so agreeable, almost knocks my pen out of my hand